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Announcing our signature product! If you do a little research to see how our HPD may become useful in many ways you may decide to include it in your daily regimen. It's natural, pure, and may be the best insurance policy in the world. 

HPD, ltd

Founded in Del Mar, California. HPD, Ltd is dedicated to going above and beyond for each customer by providing you with the highest grade possible CBD products. We strive for HEALTH WITHOUT THE HIGH. Just choose HPD from hemp and not cbd from the "other" plant. That's our agenda at HPD, Ltd

Our Mission

Our mission at HPD, Ltd is to provide each person with the best customer service along with the best products available. We strive to do everything we possibly can to ensure the consumer is happy with their experience in every possibe way.

We offer a few different products with the intention on always updating our inventory with new products. We also carry the highest grade hemp oil capsules. Check them out! 

Located in the beautiful state of California, we at HPD, Ltd offer fantastic customer service and the best products on the CBD market. Our customer service would be more than happy to take your call! Phone: 888-608-6060

We provide the highest grade products out there. All of our products are Organic Hemp CO2 extracted ensuring each customer with the highest purity. Check them out!