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Hempidiol (HPD/cbd) is a natural substance derived from hemp only

HemPiDiol (HPD/cbd) is non-psychoactive and derived of the hemp plant. This hemp plant derivative does not make a person high like THC from marijuana does. It is widely considered to have favorable impact on many conditions. HPD is being studied and tested thoroughly today to better understand its full range of benefits, while millions of users already consider it purely beneficial and helpful aid in their HEALTH WITHOUT THE HIGH.

You can read more about HPD/cbd and its myriad benefits at projectcbd.org. We at HPD, Inc are proud to be the only hemp company to have a patent license from the NIH. The NIH, the National Institute of Health, funded by the US government is particularly interested in the impact of HPD on Alzheimer’s. We will soon introduce our signature product that will be known as Alzhemp.